A company must know its customers’ needs in order to address them in an optimum way. We have made it our job to offer our customers individual solutions to their problems, and we develop specialized system solutions, taking into account the specified requirement profile in each instance. The latest production processes form the basis for first-rate results.

VE 1050
Acidic intensive cleaner and pickler / degreaser
containing phosphoric acid
VE 1065
Additive for industrial cleaners
VE 1066
Cleaner additive
degreasing aid for ultrasonic and high-pressure cleaners
VE 1114
Liquid, highly concentrated, very efficient
VE 1155
Rust remover
highly acidic cleaner based on sulfuric acid
VE 3065
Alkaline steam cleaner
Liquid – alkaline – water-softening
VE 3310
Floor cleaner
Liquid, highly alkaline cleaning agent
VE 34
Surfactant concentrate / System cleaner
removes scale and grease
VE 4111
Magnesium - stabilized combination of isothiazolinones
VE 4270
In-can preservation without chloro­methyl­iso­thia­zolinone and without N/O formats
VE 4314
Technical preservative for in-can preservation of aqueous systems
VE 4410
In-can preservation without N/O formats and with reduced risk of allergic reaction
VE 5108
Flushing medium for lacquering systems
for removing water-based paints and lacquer systems
VE 5110
Workshop cleaner
for thorough cleaning before commencing installation
VE 5113
Cold degreasing and cleaning agent
free of chlorinated hydrocarbons
VE 7010
Spray cleaner
neutral, aqueous cleaning agent that simultaneously passivates steel, cast iron and non-ferrous metals
VE 7450
Universal cleaner
neutral, versatile cleaning agent
VE 7455
Neutral cleaner
cleaning agent with versatile applications
VE 7455-1
EPD cleaner
particularly efficient at removing EPD coatings
VE 9043
Slightly alkaline all-purpose cleaner
weakly alkaline liquid-cleaner concentrate
VE 9339
Machine cleaner
concentrate for cleaning machine parts