We develop and produce a variety of industrial cleaners such as degreasers, anticorrosives and all kinds of acidic and alkaline media for well-known major industrial customers.

VE 1010
Specialist cleaner for sanitary facilities
removes scale and grease
VE 1011
Descaler concentrate
liquid – highly concentrated, highly efficient
VE 1013
Dip and spray degreaser
Liquid – highly alkaline, delivers powerful and effective degreasing
VE 1015-1
Corrosion inhibitor
cleans zinc, aluminium and all non-ferrous metals
VE 1015-2
Cleaner with anticorrosive components
cleans steel and non-ferrous surfaces
VE 1015-4
Degreasing surfactant
a cationic/non-ionic, low-foaming surfactant mixture
VE 1070
Iron phosphate coating solution
combined cleaning and iron phosphate coating solution
VE 1075
Phosphate coating agent for iron, aluminium and zinc
VE 1105
Pickling / degreasing agent
acidic derusting and degreasing agent
VE 1120
Booster for pickler / degreaser
liquid, acidic deruster and degreaser
VE 3210
Workshop / high-pressure cleaner concentrate
aqueous, alkaline cleaning concentrate
VE 34-1
Car shampoo
neutral car shampoo – highly concentrated and extremely economical
VE 7670
Wetting agent – Raw material – Concentrate
liquid, neutral, contains emulsifiers and wetting agents
VE 7780
Degreaser booster
for dip or spray degreasing systems
VE 8180
Semi-aqueous cleaner
water-emulsive anticorrosive oil
VE 9122
Wetting agent – Raw material – Concentrate
excellent degreasing and emulsifying results
VE 9125
Ultrasonic cleaner
achieves quick and easy removal of grease, oil and dirt deposits from all metals