Based in Reichertshofen, Germany, the company VAN ERP Chemische Produkte GmbH specializes in the field of surface treatment. Since 1975, we have been producing industrial cleaners and specialist products for Audi, Volkswagen, Porsche, General Motors (Opel) and well-known companies in major industry; these products include ultrasonic cleaners, highly alkaline cleaners, descalers, and pickling and degreasing agents, as well as steam cleaners, flocculants and defoamers. To this day, the VAN ERP name remains synonymous with expertise and the highest quality standards.

As a second-generation family company, we operate in a manner characterized by continuity, independence and sustainable growth. We constantly invest in the development and continual optimization of our products, working consistently to meet the requirements of the market and thus the needs of our customers. As a medium-sized company, we can be flexible in implementing innovative ideas and creating cost-effective products, while also ensuring reliable supply and quick delivery times.